Mathias takes a holistic approach to teaching the guitar; theory, technique and practice are core principles. He listens to the clients' wishes and tailors his programme to suit. The approach instills a greater appreciation of the guitar and makes you want to learn more. Matt brings his diverse musical tastes to his lessons, I found myself playing Jazz, Rock and blues and searching for diverse pieces to learn. Matt has an amazing knowledge of theory and he is very generous with his time imparting that knowledge.
(Joe S.)

The great thing about lessons with Matt is the commitment he has. He really makes practicing very enjoyable. I also love the versatility that Matt brings to the lessons. I have yet to find any style that he can't teach to a very high level. Matt's enthusiasm and positive teaching style makes the lessons a wonderful experience and really inspires me to be a better guitar player.
(Finn R.)

My son always enjoyed his classes with Matt and found him a really knowledgable teacher.
(Elizabeth M.)

When I first had lessons with Matt we focussed on getting rid of all my bad habits on the Guitar. Matt was always encouraging me to get the basics correct rather than the quick fix. He would have a plan of learning chords/scales leading up to specific songs. Music Theory is a always part of the lessons and he has a great insight into Music. Lessons are always an enjoyable and focused experience.
(Joe D.)

Matt gives truly complete teaching of the guitar. Theory and technique play a huge part in his lessons and he will listen to you and adapts his teaching accordingly to make the most out of learning and to make sure that you get absolute happiness in learning the guitar.
His teaching of grades adds to his abilities. He has a huge technical knowledge of the guitar and is extremely diverse and a master in different styles of music.
(Geraldine L.)