Online Enrollment Procedure

You can book all your lessons online in three easy steps:

Step 1 - Sign Up

Download the following pdf file: Enrolment.pdf, fill in the form, save it and send it to the following address:

OR fill in the online enrolment form below and press submit.
OR simply call/email me (for contact details see above).

Step 2 - Confirmation

After your online enrolment I will contact you by email or by phone to arrange a day and time for your lessons. You can find information about the lessons and fees here .

Step 3 - Payment

You can pay the fee via PayPal, by bank transfer or in case of a personal private lesson you can also pay in cash before your first lesson.
The PayPal link is at the end of this page.

Online Enrolment Form

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Pay Your Lessons Via PayPal

Pay for your lesson(s) here:
Type in amount. Example: EUR 50.00 for one single lesson, EUR 160.00 for 4 one hour lessons, etc. See fee table.